Web Services's primary application for video conferencing  is Zoom Communication's online webinar software.  We provide free licenses to the college and support creating and delivering video conferences over the web.


With Zoom, you can hold a video conference from your desktop or in a conference room complete with video and audio. We will provide you with setup instructions, an instructional flyer to send to your attendees to prep them for a video conference  and instructional videos on the many options you have in holding a video conference.  We are here to support you both before and during your video conferences.

 Conact Web Services to get your Zoom license for holding Zoom Video Conferences today!


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Desktop Video Conferencing:

To hold a video conference from your desktop will require having a webcam with a microphone or you can use a separate microphone.  Here are recommendations on what you'll need in hardware to hold a video conference from your office:

 Web Services can help you source and order the hardware you need for desktop video conferencing.



We recommend acquiring  one of the following Logitech web cams that incorporate a microphone.  Either webcam will run about $99 and all Logitech webcams are compatible with Zoom software.



LPRO9000   Logitech Web Cam


               Logitech Pro 9000                 Logitech C925e



Stand-Alone Microphone:

If you would like a higher quality level of audio for your video conferences, consider getting a stand-alone microphone which you can use on a stand or a swing-arm.  We recommend either one of the Samson or Blue stand-alone microphones for the best quality. You can get these microphones for between $99 - $149.

                      Blue                                                    Samson



USB Microphone   samson sagm1uprose g track large diaphragm studio 1418976