multidmedia studio


Web Services can provide you with one of our mini-studios for developing your content in - or provide you with a plan and equipment list for making your office into a part-time studio.


Our mini-studios are designed to allow you to create and edit multi-media content for use in your teaching, research or conference presentations. We can help you learn to use the screencasting software (CAMTASIA) and get your content uploaded to the web. Through a combination of webcams, microphones, screen capture software and the Adobe Creative Suite software, you will have the ability to create your own branded multi-media content to distribute.


Come by to check out the studio (Life Sciences East 003) at your conveneice and or call Gary Jones (744-2918) to reserve the studio for your use to practice in or produce content.


If you are interested in creating a similar studio in your campus office, see our link (CamtasiaScreenCasting) under Multimedia Studio to see an equipment list and where to get the hardware/software necessary to produce your own content.