Web Development

 Customized OKSTATE Templates

The College of Arts and Sciences creates and hosts web sites built on multiple platforms – Joomla, Wordpress and custom-designed HTML sites.    The majority of sites are Joomla-based sites which utilize the University provided template. We customize this template for each department so that they do not all look exactly the same.  The template has a consistent framework, but we can divide up the real estate within the template’s look to give each site a custom appearance.  For examples of the template and the different appearances it can take on – take a look at these example pages listed on our web site: Customized OKSTATE Template The campus Joomla template can be reconfigured with different background images that suit your department best, News sections, Blogs, Calendars, Online Q&A Chat, Twitter feeds, Slideshows and much, much more to give it a distinct look.

Customized Vendor Templates 

If the current template’s look doesn’t quite fit a department’s vision, we also support acquiring a template from an outside vendor (costs generally fall between $35 - $95 ) and help configure them for a department, lab or individual.  For some examples of templates we have configured and host, here are some examples:  Customized Vendor Templates  For a vast array of template designs to choose from – check out some of the templates at a design center like Themeforest which has pre-built templates available for purchase.   (http://www.themeforest.net )

One-on-One Training:
The good thing about utilizing a Joomla template is that we can train someone in a 1-2 hour session how to update the site’s content with articles, images, video, calendar entries and any of the custom apps that are part of the site.  A site built upon a template removes the need for the department’s webmaster or content person from having to know how to use PHP code, write HTML or work with Javascript code on a site.  If you know how to use a word processor, the content in a template is a snap to update.  Web Services provides support to each department’s webmaster that we train to help them maintain or add new functionality to their site.

Custom HTML Site Hosting:
We also host externally built custom-designed HTML sites, although there are a limited number of them because the department or individual that has one maintains it themselves. This generally requires having someone dedicated to maintaining the site who will be here for a long period of time. We can provide hosting for the site and give the webmaster full access to maintain and update it.

Hosting and Tie-Ins:
Within our current environment we can provide a full hosting and web site implementation process and if there are any special services a site requires, we can work with external vendors to tie your site to their services.  All of our services, hosting and support are free to departments and individuals in the college.  We’ll be glad to give you any information you need to help you pick the best option for your department.

External Web Design:
Departments also have the option to hire an outside web design company to build a custom site for a fee, which we will be glad to host on campus if the company allows you to.  Some companies will require that you host it with them for a monthly fee for the life of the site.  In that case all web support comes from the external company hosting the site.  Fees vary depending upon the services you subscribe for.