Why does my video start and stop, or play haltingly?

  1. This indicates the connection isn't fast enough
    Solution: Test your connection speed.
    •  In RealPlayer, click the Tools menu, and then select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
    • In the Category pane, click Connection.
    • Click the Test Connection button, then the Perform Test button to determine your current connection speed. 
    • Click the Update button to set your minimum bandwidth preference.
    • Click OK.
    • Try to play the clip again.

  2. There's too much traffic on the network.
    Solution: Play the clip when the network and Internet are less busy. Or go to another location with less internet users

  3. Your computer may be too old to handle that much data in real time
    The minimum system requirements for RealPlayer change from version to version. Please check Real's website for the latest system requirements (Windows, Mac).